Base Operator: (707) 424-1110

Contact Information

phone Phone:  707-424-4557

Time  Hours:  Mon-Fri: 7:30am to 4:30pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Map Address:  511 Travis Ave, Bldg 205


What We Offer

Airman Leadership School helps to prepare Senior Airmen to be professional, war fighting Airmen who can supervise and lead Air Force work teams in the employment of Air & Space Power.

Preparing for ALS

First Shirts Please make sure you prepare your Staff Sergeant Select

  • Complete the Certification of Qualifications letter and have them bring it with them on the first day.
  • Ensure they bring their AF Fitness test scores on the first day.
  • Ensure they have a reflective belt, lightweight blue & APECS (or rain) jacket.
  • If at all possible, talk to their duty section to ensure they do not get called in to work (or recalled).
  • Communicate with them about graduation invitations (about who is inviting who-the CC, Shirt and Chief).
  • Communicate with them about your expectation of their behavior when they are in school (this helps us a lot)!
  • Prepare them for class: First day is any combination of blue uniform with tie/tie tab and ALL accouterments.  They will report to ALS auditorium at 7:30am.

Helpful Tips

  • Closest Airport
    • Sacramento (Highly Suggested)
    • San Francisco
    • Oakland
  • Shuttle to Travis Cost Roughly $60 (Get a Receipt)
  • Westwind Inn (Lodging) (Near ALS Building)
  • Car Rental (located in The Exchange)

ALS Schedule