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Ticket Sales

Pre-Sale Tickets are no longer available. Tickets may be purchased at the door for $20 per pack. Please note, the pre-sale discounted pack ($54) is no longer available. We recommend you arrive at 5:00pm when doors open, as tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

*No individuals under 18 years of age are permitted. Drink responsibly and have a plan.


The Basic Package
  • 10 Pack of Bingo Cards
  • FREE Bingo Game
  • Dessert Table Access

*You may purchase as many “basic” packs as you’d like. No purchase necessary for the FREE Bingo Game.

  • $1 Add-On Bingo Card
  • Supplements Your Pack

*You may purchase as many “dollar cards” as you’d like. Cash Only.

  • $5 Add-On Bingo Card
  • (Quickie Rounds ONLY)
  • Play for $100 Starbucks Gift Card

*You may purchase as many “quickie cards” as you’d like. Cash Only. Does not supplement your pack. Cannot be purchased in lieu of basic package.

Dinner and Signature Cocktails can be purchased for an additional cost.

Dinner Menu:

Bacon Cheeseburger – $7.49

Chicken Sandwich – $6.99

French Dip Sandwich – $6.99

Chicken Caesar Salad – $6.99

Mixed Green Salad – $5.99

$5 Signature Cocktails:

Red Barbados Punch

White Pina Colada

Blue Air Force Margarita

Full Bar Available (prices vary)

Vote for your favorite handbag at

Designer Handbag Selection Subject to Availability.


Approximately five (5) Designer Handbags will be selected as winning prizes on the Travis Force Support Squadron Facebook page and will be available to win at the event. In addition, Full Access Marketing (FAM) may select additional Designer Handbags that will also be available to win during the event. Designer Handbags are those handbags with name brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, etc. FAM has the right to exchange bags that were selected on Facebook due to increased costs or low inventory. Once a Designer Handbag is won, it cannot be returned to the purchased store or website; purchasing receipts or sales tags will not be provided. The approximate retail value for each handbag prize is $300-$800. Participants may only win one (1) Designer Handbag at the event, unless a winner also wins the FREE handbag that is given away at the beginning of the event.


Participation in Designer Handbag Bingo constitutes full and unconditional agreement and acceptance of these Rules, which are final on all matters relating to Designer Handbag Bingo. The event takes place on Friday, June 30 and will be located at Cypress Lakes Golf Course (Club Room & Par Lounge); Designer Handbag Bingo begins at 6pm (doors open at 5pm). There are several methods to win and there is no purchase necessary to win the first handbag. Listed are the methods for winning a Designer Handbag during the event:

(i) Designer Handbag #1 (FREE Round) – A prize wheel will be used to determine the selection of the first handbag giveaway. Once the handbag is selected, all attending participants may play one (1) game of Bingo to determine a winner. There is no cost for the first Bingo game; it is FREE. The Bingo game variation will be traditional Bingo and the first person to shout “Bingo” will win the selected handbag. In the case of multiple winners, there will be a number/s on the back of each Bingo card. The Bingo Card that has a number closest to 50 will be the winner.

(ii) To win the remaining handbags, participants must purchase Bingo packages that consist of 10 Bingo games for $20. Each package consists of two (2) Bingo cards per game. Participants MUST purchase at least one package to play to win the remaining handbags. Participants have a choice to purchase additional Bingo packages for an additional funds, giving them more chances to win per Bingo game. Participants may also purchase one (1) additional card per game; each single Bingo card costs $1. Multiple Bingo game variations will be used per round (Diagonal, Letter X, Postage Stamp, Four Corners, Cross, Crazy T, Letter L, Seven, Blackout, etc.). Each Bingo game variation will be shown on a large board for participants to easily follow. A $5 Quickly Bingo round will also take place, offering participant the opportunity to win Gift Cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express will not be options for winning gift cards).

(iii) Winning Tickets– Each Bingo winner will receive one (1) Bingo ticket. In the case of multiple winners per game, each winner will receive a Bingo ticket. Bingo tickets should be inserted into the ticket bowl closest to the Designer Handbag of the winner’s choice. Bingo winners with multiple tickets can insert their Bingo tickets into one ticket bowl or they can add tickets into multiple bowls. Once all 10 Bingo games have been played and all Bingo tickets have been inserted into the ticket bowls (after the proper announcement, all tickets MUST be distributed into the prize bowl within two minutes).  A FSS or FAM representative will pull winning tickets for each Designer Handbag. Only one handbag may be won per person. If a winner’s name is selected more than once, he or she must determine the handbag they would like to keep and return all others.


Participants MUST be 18 years or older to play Designer Handbag Bingo. Children under the age of 18 years will NOT be allowed in Bingo event room. Designer Handbag Bingo is open to all DOD military and civilians associated with Travis Air Force Base. Full Access Marketing (FAM) employees and members of their immediate household are exempt and may NOT play Designer Handbag Bingo.


By participating in Designer Handbag Bingo, each winner grants Full Access Marketing Department the right to the use of his or her name, likeness or photograph without compensation in any publicity or for promotional purposes.
Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or otherwise. Full Access Marketing (FAM) purchased all handbag prizes in NEW condition and do not assume any responsibility for imperfections or damages.

(5) WHO WON:

For the names of the Designer Handbag Bingo winners, send a written request to: Full Access Marketing, 540 Airlift Drive, Building 381 F-100, Travis AFB, CA 94535.


Travis 60th Force Support Squadron and Full Access Marketing Department (FAM), 540 Airlift Drive, Building 381 F-100, Travis AFB, CA 94535.