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Unite Program


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Our Mission

Revitalizing squadrons by providing unit commanders with the flexibility to develop dynamic and innovative programs that build unit cohesion for our Airmen.

Our Vision

Supporting Team Travis with the planning and execution of high-interest activities for all Airmen: Active Duty, Reserve and APF/NAF civilians.

Why Unite?

In August 2016, Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) General David Goldfein, released his letter to Airmen titled, “The Beating Heart of the Air Force…Squadrons!”

In turn, Air Force Services Center (AFSVC) was asked to establish an activity rich program that would equip empowered Squadron/Unit commanders with options to facilitate unit cohesion.

Unite provides Commanders with funding to initiate programs that will benefit all Airmen in their unit. This includes assigned Active Duty and APF/NAF Civilians.

*Family members are welcome to participate, but they must pay any associated fees.

Unite Guidance

Unite is the 4th component of the Recharge for Resiliency program (R4R). Other R4R programs include Single Airmen Program Initiative (SAPI), RecOn, and the Deployed Affected Program (DAP). R4R is the capstone for resiliency programming across the Air Force and it provides resources that foster cohesion, culture, mission and sense of community among Airmen and their families. Unite program guidance can be found in the R4R Programming Guide.

Unite Funding

The 2020 funding allocations for Team Travis is $152K in appropriated funds (APF) for teambuilding events. In addition, the installation received $56,355 in non-appropriated (NAF) to offset food and beverage purchases.

Each participating unit will receive: $13.50/person in event funds (APF) & $5/person in food and beverage expenses (NAF). Unite guidance highlights the following rules of the program:

— Funds CAN’T be used to augment holiday parties on or off the installation
— Funds CAN’T be used for alcohol or prizes (t-shirts, trophies, badges, coins, or vehicle rental)
— Funded food items must be used in conjunction with a Unite event
— Private organization and booster club funds may be used to supplement costs
— Unutilized funds will be returned to AFSVAC by Dec 15, 2020

Planning & Execution

Using SharePoint, makes hosting a Unite event is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Contact the Unite POC for your unit. Your Shirt is listed as a POC on the Unite Appointment Letter and will know how to assist.

2. Have your Unite POC go to SharePoint and submit an Event Planning Worksheet for approval.

3. After approval, enjoy your teambuilding event and make sure to have your unit POC go to SharePoint and submit an After Action Report.

Teambuilding Ideas

Call C3 Team for Reservations

For more details on these events, take a look at our Unite Program Event Menu.

Bike Trails w/ODR

Call your C3 to assist with creating a custom bike trail event for your unit. Cost will be determined by location and number of participants.

friends bowling
Bowl Showdown

#1 choice for 2019! Divide your unit into teams and compete. $13.50 per person includes staff leader, 2 hours of gaming and shoe rental. Request pizza and beverages for $5 per person.

broom ball

This one is memorable “on ice” fun from Vacaville Ice Sports for $13.50 per person. Your unit will be divided into teams and the group that scores the most goals wins.

Bubble Soccer

Teams of 5-10 compete for a rolling good time or create your own game bump, roll or flip.

Dave & Buster’s

Located in Roseville, this event includes a facilitator, team swag, and game competitions throughout the facility…all for only $12.50 per person through May-2020.

Fling Golf

Unlike regular golf, Fling Golf takes less time and costs only $20 per person for 9 holes. Equipment is included.

Giant Inflatables

Easy to rent for your unit teambuilding event; just give your C3 Team a call.

Go Karts

For $23.50 per person, experience teambuilding competitions using European style racing with high speed electric karts.

Hiking w/ODR

Located in Roseville, this event includes a facilitator, team swag, and game competitions throughout the facility…all for only $12.50 per person through May-2020.

Mobile Gaming Truck

Have a party on wheel drive to your unit building. We’re talking a 32’ trailer that brings state-of-the-art gaming with 55” HD LCD TV screens.

Mobile Rockwall

If you’re located on Travis, this Rockwall will come to you for $200 per hour. For reservations, contact your C3 Team.

Movie & Teambuilding

We have the perfect game your unit can play on screen before the main feature. This fun event is only $10 per person and $5 per person for popcorn and soda.

Mystery Theater

Real actors working with your unit to create a “who-done-it” thriller on base…is your unit ready? Enjoy the fun for only $19.50 per person at DB400.


Ballistic Ben’s is the location and war scenarios are the challenge. All equipment is included for $22.50 per person.

Quarry Park Adventures

Drive to Sacramento and experience zip lines, rappel, low ropes, wall climbing, and more. The 2 hour discounted ticket is $35 per person. 

Ski Shuttle

Join Outdoor Recreation for ski shuttle service to a local ski resort for $30.00.

Top Golf Tue’s

Experience the trend of Top Golf every Tuesday for only $11.75 per person. To get this price, call your C3 Team. 

Please Call for Assistance & Support!
Travis C3 Team
Kymberley Wayne

Community Cohesion Coordinator
Cell 916–812–6721

MSgt Ciara Meyers

Community Cohesion Coordinator
DSN  8375056